X Scarf

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Scarves are tasteful and functional. This line of scarves is the direct result of a meeting between accessories designer. Philippe Roucou and a young artist, M. Chérie, both passionate collectors of abandoned images. This collection is printed with anonymous Polaroids, images lost, found and then used to create an imaginory story. Each one reveals an everyday-ness, both ordinary and extraordinary, from the past and the present. It show us the common values of private imagery while underlining the universality of feeling. The significance of this series of scarves is nestled somewhere within the tension between individual and collective. Valorising these Polaroids, witnessing them and inventing a story is tantamount to revealing their uniqueness and preciosity, not to mention their potential status as a work of art. By turning anonymous photographs into fashion, with a nod to contemporary art, these scarves link intimacy with universality, banality with exception. Hoping that, around your neck, the story continues.

The digital print image depicts a red X.

Size : 105 X 105 CM
Material : 100% Silk Crepe
Origin : Made In France

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