Skull Bracelet

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Nialaya is founded by Danish-born designer Jannik Olander. The company is based in Los Angeles with offices in New York City and Copenhagen, but the precious and semi-precious stones, beads, materials and other items you see in Nialaya’s collections are handpicked by the designer on his travels around the world.

The energy, charisma and texture of each stone initiate the birth of a new collection. Every stone has healing powers and can amplify and increase the bearer’s own energy.By working closely with the different stones, being open and present in the moment when creating a new piece of jewelry, Jannik has discovered how the jewels help him gain clarity, inner peace and joy.

Upon completion, each piece is cleansed carefully with a purifying sage to remove all interfering energies from the stones. The cleaning process enhances the natural power of the stones and helps each piece of jewelry communicate better with its future bearer.

Details: Sterling Silver skull with light green cord

Measurement: Approximately inner circumference 17cm

Signature Lock Skull 92,5 Solid Silver

Skull Ball 92,5 Solid Silver 7 mm

Skull Head 92,5 Solid Silver 10 mm

Origin: Made in Hollywood

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Return Policy: Non-refundable

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