Peacock Letter Opener

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Every piece in Jonathan Adler collection of brass bibelots is sand cast in solid brass then polished to perfection by hand. Like a fine wine or your favorite leather jacket, our brass only gets better with age. Over time, the polished brass will develop a rich natural patina. If desired, buff out fingerprints and surface scratches with a dollop of brass polish and a microfiber cloth. And here’s a nifty designer’s tip: if you have no patience for patina, drop your brass in a bucket of acetone (but only at your own risk).

Details: 100% polished brass

Colour: Brass

Material: Oxidized Polished Brass

Measurement: Approximately 9" long x 3" tall


Origin: Made in USA

Estimated Arrival: 7 - 14 days

Return Policy: Non-refundable

Availability: Global

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