iPhone 4/4S White Case Rose Gold Studs

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Phones are what we love, depend on and cant do without. These iPhone 4/4S Studs Cases are handmade with love. The studs are screwed in,not glued, and secured with Loctite. All cases are made with TPU silicone which is not your standard floppy silicone case. It is much harder and durable to ensure it keeps it shape, stays snug and wont stretch over time. Feels solid to hold, stylish enough to see and definitely cool to carry.


Color : White Case, Rose Gold Plated Studs
Dimensions : Spikes Measure 7mm High
Material : Silicone Casing
Additional : Fits iPhone 4/4S


Estimated Arrival : 7-14 days
Return Policy : Non-refundable
Availability : Global