Bali Necklace

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Independent designer Sofia Villacis Ecuadorian living in Singapore. Her lust for travel and passion for design manifest in her personal style and come together as well in the bohemian luxe aesthetic of her jewelry line. Meaning "moonlight" in the ancient Incan Quechua language, Killari is a jewelry line that focuses on specially hand-picked stones. Its designs define sophistication with a twist and allow the wearer to mix and match different parts to suit different images. Such versatility and style perfectly fit the contemporary lady.

Details: A bespoke African Amazonite charmed necklace inspired by the eclectic settings of Bali .


African Amazonite beaded necklace gold plated necklace

Necklace charms: Fresh water star shape pearls

Semi-precious stones and eclectic charms

Measurement: Approximately length 18.5in / 47cm

Origin: Made in Singapore

Estimated Arrival: 7 - 14 days

Return Policy: Non-refundable

Availability: Global

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