Haus of Pesh

HAUS OF PESH is a collection of handcrafted, as well as reworked from specially curated, costume jewelry founded by young designer P. Pesh. It aims to be the key enhancement ensembled into every individual's style with the line's versatility to suit many occassions, and its unique boldness with conceptualized significance to radiate confidence. HAUS OF PESH is a concept based jewelry line, that sells not just the physical pieces but also a story, a grand picture or even a visionary experience with emotional values that inspire its collections. The logo of H.O.P symbolises the key to closed doors of forgotten dreams and fantasies yet to be brought to life.  The idea of 'refining yesterdays' is implemented in her works — which is the core essence of the label — to create a connection between the ancient, the contemporary, and the future.